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B Chakri Sarvani, A Hareesh Kumar, V Ramya Swathi, M Janaki*, S Hasham Hussain

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Clinicopathological study of calculous cholecystitis

Original Article

Author Details : B Chakri Sarvani, A Hareesh Kumar, V Ramya Swathi, M Janaki*, S Hasham Hussain

Volume : 6, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 108-112


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Background: Calculous cholecystitis is the most common lesion of the gallbladder. Pain abdomen is the common clinical presentation.Calculous and acalculous cholecystitis are the most common indications for cholecystectomy. Gross and microscopic examination of the gall bladder indicates the outcome of the lesions. The various histological findings will reveal the type of the disease entity and prognosis.
Materials and Methods: Retrospective study was done, total 120 cases of cholecystectomy specimens were received in pathology department. Formalin fixed specimens were analysed. After processing, H&E stained sections were studied.
Results: Chronic calculous cholecystitis is the most common non-neoplastic lesion. calculous cholecystitis(92 cases), acalculous cholecystitis (21 cases), follicular cholecystitis (4 cases), empyema gallbladder (1 case), xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis (1 case), eosinophilic cholecystitis (1 case). Among premalignant lesions, cholecystitis with metaplasia was seen in 40 (33.3%) cases. Pyloric metaplasia (25 cases), Intestinalmetaplasia (15 cases).
Conclusion: Chronic calculous cholecystitis was the most common lesion. Histopathological evaluation plays an important role in identifying the metaplastic, dysplastic and incidental carcinoma of the gallbladder.

Keywords: Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis, Cholecystectomy, Metaplasia.

How to cite : Sarvani B C, Kumar A H, Swathi V R, Janaki M , Hussain S H, Clinicopathological study of calculous cholecystitis. IP Arch Cytol Histopathol Res 2021;6(2):108-112

Copyright © 2021 by author(s) and IP Arch Cytol Histopathol Res. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (creativecommons.org)

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