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Pravesh Gupta, Riddhi Jaiswal*, Piyush Tripathi, Vimala Venkatesh

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Observational study on serum markers and circulating tumor cells in ovarian cancer

Original Article

Author Details : Pravesh Gupta, Riddhi Jaiswal*, Piyush Tripathi, Vimala Venkatesh

Volume : 6, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 181-186


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Aims: 1) To detect Cyclophilin, APC and SFRP5 genes associated with Epithelial ovarian cancer by PCR. 2) To study and compare the prognostic and diagnostic efficacy of serological markers like Ca 125 and HE4 and their correlation with epithelial/ non epithelial ovarian neoplasms.
Settings and Design: Comparative observational study, Prospective study
Methods and Materials: 64 cases fulfilling the inclusion criteria and giving their consent for inclusion in the study were enrolled as subjects of the present study over a period of one year. After DNA extraction (Invitrogen mini kit, USA) conventional PCR to amplify the extracted DNA and further subjected them to agarose gel electrophoresis for the identification(expression) of 3 genes i.e Cyclophillin, APC and SFRP5, was done; However, none expressed.
Methods and Materials: ELISA was used to assess CA125 and HE4 pre and post surgical intervention.
Results: The serum markers were raised more in malignant epithelial ovarian cancer cases and levels plummeted after surgical intervention, as compared to benign masses.
Results: We could not establish correlation of the genes’ expression with the serum markers and histopathology.
Conclusions: Combining HE4 and CA125 both might be more helpful than either of them using alone, in diagnosing as well as prognosticating ovarian diseases.
Conclusions: A panel of multiple genes on a larger sample size may be needed for CTC detection.
Key Messages: Early detection of ovarian tumors leads to early diagnosis and hence early institution of intervention and hence decreased morbidity and mortality.
Keywords : Ovarian lesion, Circulating tumor cells, Serum CA125, Serum HE4

How to cite : Gupta P, Jaiswal R, Tripathi P, Venkatesh V, Observational study on serum markers and circulating tumor cells in ovarian cancer. IP Arch Cytol Histopathol Res 2021;6(3):181-186

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